Why UMKC Law

UMKC School of Law believes in connecting with our students and the community. Thank you for connecting with us.


Darrell Smith“UMKC Law is surrounded by a community full of UMKC alumni who always make time to come back to help the current students. With the law school being so centered between Kansas and Missouri courts and firms, you are never too far away to witness practical advocacy while getting back on time for your Advocacy class!” ~ Darrell Smith, Class of 2018


Greta Morena“Coming to law school, I knew it was going to be a difficult and competitive atmosphere, but what I learned within the first week at UMKC was how ready and willing everyone, from my new classmates to the faculty and staff, was to answer any questions, offer advice and help me adjust quickly. This sense of community encouraged me to join student organizations to continue to build these new relationships. I am certain the friendships I have built will be with me even after graduation.” ~Greta Morena, president of the Student Bar Association and member of the Class of 2020.

Preparation for Practice

Emily Fuller“Through the law school’s Professional and Career Development Center, I was able to obtain internships with the Missouri Public Defender’s office and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These internships were invaluable for expanding on what I had learned in the classroom and preparing me for my future as an attorney. It was at the career center that I also interviewed for the law firm that would give me my first job as a practicing attorney after graduation.” ~Emily Fuller, Class of 2020


Stephen Ahal“UMKC was an affordable option for me, and I would be lying if I said I did not consider that in my law school search. I was told by a mentor of mine, 'Going to law school is like buying a car: Don’t buy something you can’t afford, but make sure it is of lasting quality.' For me, UMKC hit the perfect mix of low tuition but a great education that was impossible for me to pass up.” ~Stephen Ahal, Class of 2020



Dean Nancy Levit“The legacy of our law school is our students. For 125 years and counting, we are Kansas City's only law school, and the vast majority of the attorneys, judges and government lawyers in this city are UMKC Law grads. Our lawyers are molded in a collaborative culture during law school, and they in turn help build the wonderful, supportive legal community that is the Kansas City Bar. We live in the 38th largest city in the United States — with cutting-edge amenities (and great sports teams!) — but the Bar feels like a collegial, old-time bar. And the vast alumni network here is ready to embrace our students. Our legacy is strong, and our future is bright.” ~Nancy Levit, associate dean of faculty and Curators’ Professor and Edward D. Ellison Professor of Law

Welcome From the Dean

"No matter the journey you’ve taken to get here or where your ambitions take you, you’ll find support at UMKC School of Law from fellow students, faculty, staff and alumni. We put your success first."

Lumen "Lou" Mulligan