The LSAT is a required standardized test for entry to law school, and as is the case with most standardized tests, preparation is recommended. In order to achieve their full potential on the LSAT, most law school applicants will familiarize themselves with the types of questions asked, take practice tests, and put in time to study before taking the actual test. We recommend that applicants evaluate themselves in terms of their study habits and learning style to determine what course of study for the LSAT would work best for them as individuals. Some students find success by using prep books or online materials and studying on their own, while others may find that a prep course and/or tutor is most beneficial to their learning style.

UMKC School of Law often hosts an LSAT preparatory class by Get Smarter Prep held during the month leading up to an LSAT exam. Classes begin about a month before the date of the exam, and you can find further information about the course and registration directly through the Get Smarter Prep website.

In addition, Khan Academy has partnered with LSAC to offer a free test prep program which is personalized to each student’s needs and utilizes official test questions from the LSAT.