Collaboration with USASBE Certificate Program

The five workshops described in the Symposium Program Schedule are open to all Symposium registrants, and are being offered in conjunction with the innovative USASBE Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship Program. This initiative, presented through a collaboration among USASBE, New York University and UMKC, was launched in 2012 and is designed to be of value to educators interesting in teaching courses and participating in other programs on social entrepreneurship, as well as to principals and consultants interested in the planning and implementation of social ventures.

For information on the USASBE Certificate Program, including how to enroll in the program and commence satisfying its requirements by attending Symposium workshops, see: Paid enrollees in the USASBE Certificate Program will be given a special code to use in registering for the Symposium and will not be required to pay the $75 Symposium registration fee.