Monday, May 20
8:00-8:30AM Continental Breakfast
8:30-9:00AM Opening Remarks
         - Thom Ruhe, Vice President of Entrepreneurship, Kauffman Foundation
       - David Renz, Director, Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership, UMKC 
9:00AM-Noon Workshops in breakout sections
     Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship (Paseo Room)
       Summary of content
         This workshop introduces and outlines the evolution of of social entrepreneurship in the past few decades, covering
       both development in education and innovative practices in social endeavors. Through a combination a of
       presentations and interactive group discussion, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the
       similarities and differences between social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, social intrapreneurship,
       social venturing and social enterprise, and will explore key concepts in the ongoing social entrepreneurship
         - Fredrik Anderson, UMKC
       - Robert D'Intino, Rowan University 
     Measuring the Impact of Social Ventures (Brookside Room) 
       Summary of content 
         The goal of this workshop is for participants to become familiar with and understand the concept and context of
       social impact and its centrality for social entrepreneurship independent of the chosen legal/organizational structure.
       Participants will also discuss and learn about the utility of various methods and indicators for measuring social
       impact and be able to communicate their relative strengths and weaknesses.  
         - Scott Helm, UMKC
       - David Renz, UMKC 
12:15-1:45PM Lunch (Town Square Room), with remarks by
         - Dean Teng-Kee Tan, Henry W. Bloch School of Management
       - Dean Ellen Suni, UMKC School of Law
       - Presentation by First Hand Foundation 
2:00-5:00PM Workshops in breakout sections
     Identifying and Assessing Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities (Paseo Room) 
       Summary of content 
         This workshop is focused on developing competency in seeing possible issues for action through social
       entrepreneurship. Participants will be provided strategies and techniques for identifying target markets and will utilize
       tools for assessing societal, economic and policy impact  
         - Terri Barreiro, St. John's University
       - Robert D'Intino, Rowan University 
     Implementing the Social Venture Plan and Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum (Brookside Room) 
       Summary of content   
         This workshop covers best practices in social venture development and curriculum components of high quality
       social entrepreneurship courses. Both educators and social venture practitioners will gain valuable information from
       this workshop. 
         - Tony Mendes, University of North Texas
       - Jennifer Walske, University of San Francisco 
5:00-7:00PM Symposium Reception (Town Square Room)
         - Representatives of the Kauffman Foundation, UMKC, USASBE, and Kansas City area business and economic
         development, education, and philanthropy leaders will share their perspectives on social entrepreneurship.
       - David Battey, Founder and CEO of the Youth Volunteer Corps, will discuss the creation and growth of that
         nationally-operating social venture.
       - Chris Miller, Founder and CEO of The Mission Center L3C will discuss the organization and emerging activities of
          that recently-launched social venture.
Tuesday, May 21
8:00-8:30AM Continental breakfast (Brookside Room)
8:30-11:30AM Workshop: Legal Issues in Social Entrepreneurship (Brookside Room)
       Summary of content 
         This workshop explores several key legal issues in choosing and implementing an organizational structure for a
       social venture. The discussion will include examination of various attributes of traditional for-profit, traditional non-
       profit, and recently emerging hybrid entities (including L3Cs and benefit corporations), and significant issues in tax
       and capital structure planning. Particular emphasis will be placed on considering the fiduciary duties of managers of
       entities with missions that include the pursuit of social benefits, and addressing some popular misconceptions about
       hybrid entities and “program related investments.” 
         - Cassady Brewer, Georgia State University
       - Christopher Hoyt, UMKC
       - Tony Luppino, UMKC
       - John Tyler, Kauffman Foundation 
11:45AM-1:15PM Lunch (Town Square Room), with presentations by
         - UMKC and Levitt Social Entrepreneurship Challenge Representatives
       - Tom Brown, President and Chairman of the Board, Smiles Change Lives
       - David Hawley, Arabia Steamboat Museum 
1:30-4:30PM Aaron L. Levitt Social Entrepreneurship Challenge (Town Square Room)
       Summary of Levitt Challenge 
         The Aaron L. Levitt Social Entrepreneurship Challenge is a new initiative designed to stimulate social
       entrepreneurship and innovative civic leadership in the Greater Kansas City region, and to enable the next
       generation of civic leaders and social entrepreneurs to serve our community. Students from the University of
       Missouri-Kansas City will present their socially entrepreneurial initiative before a panel of judges who will assess
       each proposal and rate it for its feasibility and potential for long-term community benefit and impact.