Hotel information

UMKC School of Law is located near the Country Club Plaza with many hotel options. Below are several options with special UMKC rates for the nights of September 19 and 20.


Holiday Inn Country Club Plaza ($95)
Online: Use code FSS
Phone: (866) 280-6326 (ask for UMKC room block)


Marriott Country Club Plaza ($119)
Online: Use code UY8
Phone: (800) 810-3708 (ask for UMKC rate)
*A limited number of rooms are available at the $119 rate. After rooms are sold out, rate is $149.


Sheraton Suites Country Club Plaza ($129)
Phone: (800) 325-3535 (ask for UMKC rate)

Embassy Suites Plaza ($129)
Phone: (800) EMBASSY (ask for UMKC rate)


Transportation will not be provided for conference attendees. The Holiday Inn is the only hotel with a complimentary shuttle.