UMKC School of Law accepts transfer students after the completion of their first year of law school. Transfer applicants who have questions after reading the material below should contact Associate Dean Allen Rostron.

Curriculum and Transfer of Credit

Transfer students must meet all course requirements in order to graduate. Because the first-year curriculum varies from one law school to the next, UMKC will evaluate each student’s transcript along with information about the courses taken to determine which course requirements have been fulfilled.

UMKC School of Law may accept up to 30 hours of credit for courses in which a grade of C or better was earned. However, only credit is posted for those courses on the UMKC transcript, since grades earned at another law school do not transfer nor do such grades count for class ranking purposes. Transfer students must meet all conditions of graduation, including the cumulative grade point average requirement.

Application and Admission as a Transfer Student

Students are accepted as transfer students subject to the availability of a seat in the second-year class and following review by the Admissions Committee.

An applicant seeking transfer must submit the following documents:

  • A completed transfer application, submitted through LSAC
  • A $60 application fee, paid online through LSAC

The following original documents must be mailed directly from the institution where the applicant completed the first year of law school:

  • An official transcript (including all first year grades) showing at least a C+ average
  • A letter from the Dean’s Office certifying that the applicant is pursuing a Juris Doctor degree at that institution, is in good academic standing and is eligible to continue there. The letter should also disclose any derogatory information known about the applicant’s character and fitness.
  • A copy of the applicant’s CAS report. If the applicant previously applied to UMKC School of Law and provided the report at that time, an additional report is not necessary.

Once all of these documents have been received, the Admissions Committee will review the whole file, including academic record and the character and fitness certification. Prospective transfer students may expect to learn whether they have been admitted to UMKC once the Admissions Committee has had an opportunity to review this documentation, including first year grades.

Financial Aid

Once admitted, the student should contact the financial aid offices at both the previous law school and UMKC to begin transferring financial aid. Visit UMKC’s financial aid office here.

Students should be aware that most scholarships, grants and awards will not transfer from one institution to the next. Transfer students are usually not likely to receive UMKC scholarships.

Course Schedule

Transfer students who are admitted will receive an admissions letter outlining how many credits will be accepted for transfer as well as a checklist showing what course requirements have been met and what required courses remain to be taken. Students should consult the course schedule and closed course list posted online.  Associate Dean Rostron will assist each student in arranging a suitable schedule for the coming semester, including placing the student in required second-year courses.

Spring-2017-course-schedule (646.5 KiB)

Summer 2017 Course Schedule (529.2 KiB)

Fall 2017 Course Schedule (766.5 KiB)