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Transfer and visiting students

While most law students complete their law school career at one institution, many do not. Students may need to change locations due to personal or academic reasons.

If a student needs to move to another law school after beginning the second year of law school, the student is faced with two choices:

  • Continue at UMKC until 61 credit hours have been completed, then visit at another school for the final 30 credits.
  • Transfer as soon as possible with the understanding that no more than 30 UMKC hours will be credited toward the degree requirements at the second institution.

If a student begins a law school career at one school, but moves to another law school after completing the first year with the intention of receiving a degree from that institution, the student is a transfer student. Learn more


If a student simply takes classes at that second school with the intention of obtaining credit from the student’s first institution, the student is a visiting student. 

A UMKC student may not visit at or transfer to another institution until the entire first year curriculum (29 hours) has been completed. Likewise, students from another institution interested in transferring to UMKC must have completed their entire first year curriculum.

A maximum of 30 hours of credit earned at another law school may be applied toward obtaining a J.D. degree from UMKC. Learn more.

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