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American Bar Association Required Disclosures

The Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the American Bar Association is the recognized national agency for accreditation of J.D. programs. The Council has promulgated Standard 509 that requires that each law school provide the following disclosures:

Consumer Information

This disclosure (PDF) is a summary of various data that the law school reports annually to the American Bar Association. The summary provides information regarding admissions, tuition & fees, living expenses, grants & scholarships, enrollment, attrition rates, faculty and administrators, curriculum, library resources, conditional scholarships, and bar passage. You can see the consumer information on the standard ABA template here (PDF).

Policies on Transfer Credit

This disclosure explains the law school’s policies regarding the transfer of credit earned at another institution of higher education, and include the criteria used for transfer of credit and the list of institutions, if any, with which the law school has an articulation agreement. You can see the law school’s policies on transfer credit here.

Academic information.

These disclosures provide information about the law school’s curricular offerings (PDF), the academic calendar (PDF), and academic requirements.

Employment Outcomes

This disclosure reports the employment status of law school graduates nine months after graduation. The form of the disclosure is required by the standard and was approved by the Council. The disclosures on employment outcomes can be viewed here.


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