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Computer use policies

Use of the computer lab is restricted to UMKC Law Students. All students are expected to abide by professional standards of conduct, including courteous language and treatment of others. Computers and lab equipment are to be used for purposes of legal research and preparation of documents. Conduct that distracts others from legitimate use of the lab may result in disciplinary measures. In the event of disruptive conduct, patrons need to contact Library or IT staff. In cases of emergency, immediately dial Campus Police at (816)235-1515.

Public access

Priority will be given to non-law UMKC students, faculty and staff, for needed computer access. The Law Library is available for the public who need to perform legal research. The library does not offer facilities for non-legal study.

Guests may ask for permission to use the computers on the first floor up to 30 minutes before closing. Guests will be required to provide a photo ID, including driver’s license, state issued ID card, U.S. Military ID card, passport or college/university ID.

The date, time, and your name will be logged and kept in a locked filing cabinet for up to one month, at which point all records will be destroyed. Patrons under 16 years old will not be logged in unless closely supervised by their parent or guardian.

Time limits
Computers log off automatically after two hours, with a five-minute warning. Computers automatically lock the screen after 10 minutes of inactivity. As long as there are no others waiting to use the computers, a guest may be logged in again after the two-hour expiration period.

Guests have access to the Internet, library database and limited software. No printing is available.

Violation of polices
Causing a disturbance or engaging in any behavior that interferes with the quiet and safe enjoyment of the library is prohibited. Proscribed behavior includes (but is not limited to) excessive noise, verbal abuse, threats of violence, or sexual harassment directed at another person on library premises. Computers and wireless network may not be used for viewing, sending, downloading or making available offensive or explicit materials, including materials which would tend to creating a hostile environment.

Any patron who violates library policies is subject to sanctions, including being asked to leave the premises, loss of library privileges, being reported to the police, and legal prosecution. For more detailed information on current acceptable use guidelines, or to report a potential violation, view the Acceptable Use Policy.

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