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The Charles D. Gould, Jr. Digital Collection

Charles D. Gould, Jr. served as a photographer in the U.S. Army Signal Corps in World War II and was stationed in Nuremberg while the Nazi War Crimes Tribunal was in session. This collection of photographs and other items was discovered by the Gould’s family after his death. It includes images of post-war Nuremberg, of the War Crimes Tribunal and Nazi defendants (including Ernst von Leyser, Oswald Pohl, Lothar Rendulic, Gerhard Rose and Siegfried Ruff), and many other scenes. We encourage you to browse these images, and to learn more about the young photographer.

Clarence M. Kelley Diploma Collection

Clarence M. Kelley, a Kansas City native, was best known in his roles as Chief of Police in Kansas City, Missouri (1961) and Director of the FBI (1973 Nixon appointment). He graduated from Northeast High School, received a bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas and earned the J.D. from the University of Kansas City Law School in 1940. The Leon E. Bloch Law Library was the recipient of six diplomas and two certificates awarded to Clarence Kelley.

The collection was donated to the UMKC Law Library by Kelley’s widow, Shirley Dyckes, probably in 1997 following the death of her husband. The diplomas and certificates have been digitized and made available on the Internet.

Sir Edward Coke Collection

Sir Edward Coke, also known as Lord Coke, was a prominent British jurist and politician of the late sixteenth to mid-seventeenth centuries. He is remembered as the author of a four-volume legal treatise titled Institutes of the Lawes of England, which set forth the then-evolving common law of England, which has played a significant role in the development of the common law system worldwide. Lord Coke also generated a 13-volume collection of reports, which included his commentary on cases he had heard as well as information on prior precedents. The Leon E. Bloch Law Library is pleased to present these volumes in digital format.





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