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Law Review

The Law Review is a scholarly legal publication that is managed, edited and produced by UMKC students. It is one of the primary tools for carrying the reputation of UMKC throughout the legal community. Each issue of the Law Review contains one or more articles by leading authorities in the law and several extensive comments on various legal topics written by second and third-year staff members.

. First- and second-year students are invited to join the Law Review based on a combination of academic achievement and performance in a writing competition held just before Spring Break. All first-year staff members who join Law Review staff must research and write a Comment of publishable quality and make contributions to the editorial process of the journal. Completion of a publishable Comment will satisfy the R&W requirement for graduation. Third-year students can also serve as senior staff members or in a variety of board positions. Senior staff members continue to assist with the editorial process and write a publishable note for the Law Review’s online edition, De Jure. Law Review membership is one of the highest honors of the law school. Besides receiving academic credit for participation, students receive unique opportunities to improve research and writing skills and contribute to the body of legal scholarship.

Urban Lawyer

The Urban Lawyer is the official national journal of the American Bar Association's Section of Urban, State and Local Government Law and is the largest circulating urban law journal in the world. Under the supervision of Professor Julie Cheslik, student editors and junior staff members prepare articles, comments, case notes and book reviews for publication in the quarterly journal.

The Urban Lawyer offers the law student a chance to gain knowledge and experience in a wide spectrum of topics ranging from land use, transportation, housing, environment and individual rights to public governance and finance. Competition for membership on the junior staff is held in the spring of the first year, and selection is based on the student’s proficiency in editorial skills and initiative. Editor positions are selected in the late fall of the second year. Up to four hours of credit are available for working on the Urban Lawyer.

Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers has chosen UMKC to assume editorial responsibility for its twice-yearly publication, the Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. A faculty member edits the publication with student editorial assistance. Students research and write papers on a topic designated for an upcoming issue, write summaries of major articles in the field and edit submitted lead articles. Papers submitted by students are considered for publication in the journal.



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