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Students must have their course request forms signed by their faculty adviser prior to submission. If you are unsure of your faculty adviser, please contact Adela Fleming. For questions regarding course selection, see the frequently asked questions.

Mandatory course registration convocations are scheduled each semester to provide detailed information regarding the registration process, require courses, residency requirements, commencement and to answer questions. Please see the calendar for dates.

Registering for classes

Current students please refer to RooLaw's Records/Registration page.

  1. Obtain the Course Request Form from the registrar. The white Course Request Form is for 1Ls and 1L part-time students, yellow for 2L students and blue for 3L students. The same form is used for a student’s Spring and spring mini-term course requests.
  2. Complete the form. Be sure to indicate the month and year you plan to graduate and the number of credit hours you will have completed at the end of the current semester so your total cumulative credit hours is accurate.

    Second, list each course requested starting with the lowest to the highest catalog number requested (e.g. list Law 8731 before Law 8754). The first box for each course is for administration use.

    List all courses you wish to enroll in including graduate courses offered by other UMKC units. This is important because the School may not allow a student to enroll in more than 18 total hours according to ABA rules.

    Be sure to provide the class number for each course in the class # box. Class numbers for Law 8746, which is used for R&W enrollment and Law 8746R, which is used for independent research projects are the class numbers of the individual faculty members overseeing projects. You can find class numbers for R&W courses here and independent projects here.
  3. The form must be signed by your faculty adviser before it will be accepted by the registrar. You will be contacted by your advisor to make an advising appointment. If you are not contacted by your advisor by October 15th, please contact Adela Fleming.
  4. Your approved schedule will be returned to your mailbox.
  5. Enter your approved courses into Pathway during the enrollment period assigned to your class.  You will have only one week to enter all courses.  Only register for those courses approved by Dean Berman.  Be sure to have all holds (except the Law School hold) removed prior to the enrollment period.

LL.M. International Students - For registration, speak with Dean Thomas.

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