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The study of law is difficult and challenging. Many approaches used to study and succeed in other educational settings are not effective in law school. The legal profession demands continual learning, and law students are expected to learn to take responsibility for their own learning. These programs are not remedial in nature but are designed to maximize students' potential by teaching skills and strategies for success in law school.

Summer Enrichment Program

The week-long summer enrichment program takes incoming law students students through an entire semester of law school’s experience – preparing for class, participating in classes, preparing for exams and taking a final exam. The program is designed to de-mystify law school teaching and the keys to successful learning. The program is open to all students on a first-come first-serve basis.

Study Group Programs

There are two formal study group programs available for first-year students. In the Structured Study Group program, a second or third-year student attends one of the first-year courses and then leads several study groups of about 12 students each week. These are not tutoring sessions; rather, the experienced student models and facilitates effective approaches to studying course materials. In Comprehensive Study Groups, second- and third-year students focus on academic skills, helping first-year students master note-taking, outlining, using study guides and preparing for exams.

Law School Strategies Workshops

In the law school strategies workshops, a faculty member provides direct instruction of academic skills such as how to approach study of law or effective essay writing. These workshops are open to all students, but are especially helpful for first-year students.

Individual Assistance

Students who want individualized assistance in their academic skills may work with Director of Academic Support Dan Weddle. Students with personal concerns that are affecting their law school work should speak with Student Services Director Adela Fleming or Associate Dean Barbara Glesner Fines. In addition, all faculty have an open-door policy and are happy to work with students individually as their schedules allow to improve their learning and performance in law school.

Law School Materials for Success

Associate Dean Barbara Glesner Fines’ book on how to master law school learning is available online.

UMKC Bar Preparation Program

UMKC School of Law students consistently pass the bar at stellar rates. The law school’s comprehensive bar preparation program ensures that success.

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