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Please review the following information prior to taking your exams.

Exam numbers for blind grading
In most courses, examinations and papers are anonymous and are identified by an exam number. Students are assigned a set of exam numbers (midterm and final exam) each semester and will use these numbers in place of their names on all law exams/papers unless otherwise instructed. Exam numbers are released the third week of each semester for students to pick up in the administrative suite with a picture ID.

Exam rescheduling policy and request form
Students who need to reschedule mid-semester exams must make arrangements with the director of student services, Adela Fleming. Requests must be accompanied with documentation such as a note from a doctor, police report, car service repair receipt, etc.

Final exams
Students may request to reschedule one or more final exams under the following circumstances:

  • Two exams in the same calendar day
  • An evening exam (6-9 p.m.) followed by a morning exam (9 a.m. to noon) the next calendar day
  • Three exams on three consecutive days in the first week of exams only
  • Four exams in five days in the first week of exams only

Students should carefully check the semester final exam schedule to detect scheduling conflicts. Reschedule requests must be submitted to by the designated deadline on the form, which can be downloaded here.

Late arrival to an exam
Students are expected to be in their seats five (5) minutes prior to the start of the exam.  Absent exigent circumstances, students who arrive after the exam has started must begin their exams immediately and WILL NOT receive additional time (this also applies to time used to set up Examsoft).  

Exam day instructions:

  • Writers and typers will not be strictly separated.
  • You must have your anonymous exam number. Midterm number are four digits and final exam numbers have five digits.
  • Cell phones are not allowed during testing. If you bring your cell phone into the testing room, it must be turned off and either put on the instructor’s desk or in a bag along the side wall. It is best not to bring it at all.
  • All backpacks, book bags, purses, etc. are to be placed on the side wall of the exam rooms. Only testing materials are allowed in the exam area.
  • Students will be seated in every other seat.
  • Thirty minutes before the end of a midterm exam and one hour before the end of a final xam, a proctor will be stationed outside of the room.
  • A 10-minute warning will be announced by the proctor. After the 10-minute announcement is made, students must remain seated until the end of the examination period.
  • An announcement will also be made when the examination period is up. Students must immediately stop writing/typing.

When the exam is finished:

  • Writers: Write your exam number on instructor exam and all bluebooks. Mark the number of bluebooks used, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 etc. Place instructor exam and all bluebooks into the first bluebook.
  • Typers: Write your exam number on the instructor exam and if you have used a bluebook, you must turn it in with the exam with your exam number on it.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, your exam number must be written on each page of the exam.
  • Each student should turn in all exam materials (including the exam itself) to the proctor seated in the hallway and sign the check-out sheet.
  • Do not discuss the exam with anyone or post anything on Facebook or Twitter as it can potentially disadvantage you and advantage others who have not taken the exam.

If you experience any difficulties (i.e., illness, car trouble, etc.) during the exam period, it is important that you do not speak with faculty members. You should contact Adela Fleming as soon as possible at 816-235-1654.


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