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Course Number Course
8764 Administrative Law (PDF)
8710 Advanced Lawyering Processes (PDF)
8707R Advanced Legal Research: Administrative Regulations and Legislative History (PDF)
8643F Advanced Legal Research: Foreign, Comparative and International Law (PDF)
8643T Advanced Legal Research: Transactional Law (PDF)
8707B Advanced Legal Writing: Business Contract Drafting (PDF)
8707C Advanced Legal Writing: Litigation Drafting (PDF)
8707A Advanced Legal Writing: Practical Skills (PDF)
8888A Advanced Partnership Taxation (PDF)
8907 Advanced Trademark Seminar (PDF)
8901 Advising Life Sciences & Technology Entrepreneurs (PDF)
8665A Animal Law (PDF)
8605 Antitrust (PDF)
8747 Appellate Advocacy II (PDF)
8814E Appellate Practice Clinic (PDF)
8850 Applied Evidence (PDF)
8798A Art Law (PDF)
8723 Banking Law Seminar (PDF)
8877 Bankruptcy Court Clerkship (PDF)
8903B Business Investigations (PDF)
8757 Business Planning (PDF)
8797 Business Torts and Unfair Competition (PDF)
8752S Child and Family Services Clinic (PDF)
8733 Children in the Law (PDF)
8791 Civil Rights Litigation (PDF)
8706 Class Action Litigation (Complex Litigation) (PDF)
8912 Client Interviewing (PDF)
8912-2 Client Interviewing - Section 2 (PDF)
8875D Commercial Lease Drafting (PDF)
8721 Commercial Transactions (PDF)
8702 Conflict of Laws (PDF)
8898 Construction Law (PDF)
8880 Consumer Bankruptcy
8858 Consumer Protection (PDF)
8858L Consumer Protection Lab (PDF)
8798 Copyright Law (PDF)
8886 Corporate Tax I
8887 Corporate Tax II (PDF)
8636 Criminal Procedure II (PDF)
8820 Criminal Trial Techniques (PDF)
8732C Cross-Cultural Dispute Resolution (PDF)
8729C Cultural Preservation Law (PDF)
8713 Death Penalty Clinic (PDF)
8736 Debtor Creditor Rights (PDF)
8513 Defamation, Privacy & Emotional Torts (PDF)
8845 Deferred Compensation (PDF)
8768R Department of Labor Clinic (PDF)
8815R Disability Law (PDF)
8522D Discovery in Civil Litigation (PDF)
8751D Divorce Practices & Procedures (PDF)
8733E Elder Law (PDF)
8738C Employer Immigration Compliance Plans (PDF)
8813 Employment Discrimination (PDF)
8725E Energy Law (PDF)
8890R Entertainment Law (PDF)
8757R Entrepreneurial Law/Practice Clinic (PDF)
8638R Entrepreneurial Lawyering: Solo & Small Firm Practice (PDF)
8757N Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (PDF)
8773C Environmental Compliance, Auditing and Permitting (PDF)
8773 Environmental Law (PDF)
8614 Estate Planning and Drafting (PDF)
8615R Estate Planning for Charitable Giving (PDF)
8614R Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits (PDF)
8611 Estates and Trusts (PDF)
8662F Family Court Clerkship (PDF)
8751 Family Law (PDF)
8908 Family Tax Law (PDF)
8662 Federal Court Internship
8843 Federal Income Taxation of Estates and Trusts (PDF)
8765 Federal Jurisdiction (PDF)
8656F Federal Public Defender Externship Clinic (PDF)
8783 Federal Public Law & Resources Law (PDF)
8636A Federal Trial Practice (PDF)
8633 First Amendment (PDF)
8903 Fundamentals of Investigations (PDF)
8714 Gender and Justice (PDF)
8743 Global Legal Systems (PDF)
8897R Gov. & Legal Aspects of Education (K-12) Law (PDF)
8752G Guardian Ad Litem Workshop (PDF)
8793A Health Law I: Liability and Quality Issues in Health Care (PDF)
8793B Health Law II: Regulation, Organization and Finance (PDF)
8738 Immigration Law & Process
8738V Immigration Law & The Violence Against Women Act: Hope for Survivors (PDF)
8731P Innocence Project Clinic (PDF)
8910 Intellectual Property Clinic (PDF)
8808 Intellectual Property Law (PDF)
8808L Intellectual Property Licensing (PDF)
8905 Intellectual Property Litigation (PDF)
8808R Intellectual Property Remedies (PDF)
8754 International Business Transactions (PDF)
8634I International Criminal Law (PDF)
8831R International Human Rights Law (PDF)
8753 International Law (PDF)
8916 International Response to Climate Change (PDF)
8889 International Tax
8746I Internship: Estate Planning (PDF)
8730I Introduction to American Law and Culture
8531I Introduction to Law for LLM International Students
8746W Introduction to Worker's Compensation Law & Practice (PDF)
8656P Jackson Country Prosecutor Clinic (PDF)
8656C Jackson Country Prosecutor Clinic - Family Prosecutor
8778 Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Staff (PDF)
8733R Juvenile Offenders and the Law (PDF)
8763 Labor Law (PDF)
8766 Land Use Law (PDF)
8796 Law and Economics (PDF)
8917 Law & Human Trafficking (PDF)
8769 Law and Poverty (PDF)
8728 Law and the American Indian (PDF)
8832 Law of International Trade and Finance (PDF)
8761M Law, Medicine & Bioethics (PDF)
8745R Law Review Board (PDF)
8853R Law, Science and Technology (PDF)
8745 Law Review Staff
8732 Lawyering Skills Competition: Client Counseling Team (PDF)
8704T Lawyering Skills Competition: Transactional Lawyering Meet Team (PDF)
8704T Lawyering Skills Competition: Transactional Lawyering Team - IP Section Only - (PDF)
8732 Lawyers and Dispute Resolution (PDF)
8815S Leadership in Disability Studies (PDF)
8838L Legal Accounting (PDF)
8790 Legal Aid Clinic (PDF)
8710B Legal Analysis and Methods (PDF)
8875L Legal Context of Real Estate (PDF)
8641R Legislation
8734 Mediation (PDF)
8913 Mental Health Investigations (PDF)
8656A Missouri Attorney General's Office Clinic (PDF)
8740M Missouri Civil Procedure (PDF)
8904 Multicultural Lawyering and Spanish for Lawyers (PDF)
8883 National Security Law Seminar (PDF)
8837 Negotiating Mergers & Acquisitions (PDF)
8888R Partnership Taxation (PDF)
8882 Patent Law (PDF)
8882R Patent Prosecution (PDF)
8885 Philosophy and the Law (PDF)
8822 Post Conviction Remedies (PDF)
8729 Preservation Law (PDF)
8783P Preservation of Land and Natural Resources (PDF)
8712 Problems and Issues in the Death Penalty (PDF)
8815 Products Liability (PDF)
8846 Professional Malpractice Litigation (PDF)
8656 Public Defender Trial Clinic (PDF)
8771 Public Finance
8885H Quest for a Satisfying Career in Law (PDF)
8650 Race and the Law (PDF)
8861 Real Estate Finance (PDF)
8875 Real Estate Transactions (PDF)
8873 Real Estate Transactions Planning Workshop (PDF)
8711 Remedies (PDF)
8720 Secured Transactions (PDF)
8758S Securities Regulation (PDF)
8758S Selected Readings in Legal Scholarship (PDF)
8897 Seminar in Analytical Strategies (PDF)
8906 Seminar in Corporate Governance, Compliance and Social Responsibility in the Multinational Corporation (PDF)
8814R Seminar in Employment Law (PDF)
8751S Seminar in Family Violence (PDF)
8735 Seminar in Famous Trials (PDF)
8881P Seminar in Presidential Power (PDF)
8881 Seminar on the Supreme Court (PDF)
8757S Social Entrepreneurship Ventures (PDF)
8867R Social Security Administration Law Clinic
8915 Social Venture Creation (PDF)
8921 Special Projects in Law, Technology & Public Policy (PDF)
8590-3 Special Topics in Cross-Cultural Business Negotiation (PDF)
8757L Special Topics in Entrepreneurial Lawyering (PDF)
8590-2 Special Topics in Inter-American Human Rights Systems (PDF)
8590-1 Special Topics in Sports Concussion Litigation (PDF)
8890X Sports Law Internship (PDF)
8890A Sports Law I: Amateur Sports Law (PDF)
8890B Sports Law II: Professional Sports Law (PDF)
8770 State and Local Government
8848R State and Local Taxation (PDF)
8889R Subchapter S Taxation
8834R Tax Clinic (PDF)
8874 Tax Exempt Organizations (PDF)
8612R Tax Planning with Life Insurance (PDF)
8838R Tax Practicum (PDF)
8834 Tax Procedure (PDF)
8603 Taxation of Business Organizations (PDF)
8892R Taxation of Estates, Gifts & Trusts (PDF)
8893R Taxation of Property Transactions (PDF)
8902 Topics & Cases Related to In-House Counsel (PDF)
8601L Transactional Lawyering Skills Lab (PDF)
8700 Trial Advocacy I (PDF)
8703 Trial Advocacy II (PDF)
8745S UMKC All Journals Staff (PDF)
8782R U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Clinic (PDF)
8782S U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/Region VII (PDF)
8750B Urban Lawyer Board (PDF)
8745S UMKC All Journals Staff (PDF)
8637R U.S. Attorney's Office Law Clinic (PDF)
8725 Water Law (PDF)
8884 White Collar Crime
8778 Workshop in Family Law (PDF)
8635S Wrongful Convictions (PDF)
8635T Wrongful Convictions 2 (PDF)


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