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The law school has adopted a general attendance policy that is consistent with the ABA standards. Download the full attendance policy for complete information.

Please be aware that some professors may have a more stringent attendance policy that supersedes the general policy. While students are responsible for monitoring their own compliance with the attendance policy in each course, as a courtesy, students are sent absence notices when they are approaching or have reached the maximum number of allowable absences and are notified of one-step grade reductions by email. The fact that a courtesy notice was not sent or received will not relieve a student of the consequences of a violation of the attendance policy.

There is no differentiation between an excused or unexcused absence. The policy provides that each student be allowed absences up to, but not exceeding, two times the number of credit hours in a course.

Note: Computer or written class notes are no longer accepted as proof of attendance in class to remove an absence. It is the student’s sole responsibility to sign the class attendance sheet each and every class session, which is considered the only valid proof of attendance.










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