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The Continuing Education office has several publications available for purchase using this printable form, which may be faxed to us at 816-235-5414 or mailed to UMKC CLE, 5100 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO 64110.

Missouri Land Use Law and Practice (with updates)


Updates to Missouri Land Use Law and Practice

Updates from 2006-07 are available for all chapters are available at a cost of $15 each or $150 for the entire set. Individual chapters may be purchased at a cost of $50 each and will include the update.

Chapters include:
Volume I: Law and Practice

  • Chapter 1: Pre-Zoning Land Use Controls
  • Chapter 2: Legal Structure of Land Use Controls
  • Chapter 3: Amendments of Zoning Districts
  • Chapter 4: Subdivision Regulation and Plats
  • Redevelopment (Replaced by Missouri Economic Development Law)
  • Chapter 6: Boards of Zoning Adjustment

Volume II: Litigation

  • Chapter 7: Vested Rights
  • Chapter 8: Restrictions of Government Power
  • Chapter 9: Barriers to Judicial Review
  • Chapter 10: Appropriate Methods of Judicial Review
  • Chapter 11: Challenges to Government Actions
  • Chapter 12: Unconstitutional or Illegal Government Acts
  • Chapter 13: Miscellaneous
Missouri Economic Development Law


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