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Symplicity is an industry-leading computer system that optimizes the management of law student job applications and the affiliated information. It provides an efficient platform for employers to post job openings, students to load application information, and the Career Services Office to track all activities. It is the system through which all activities are coordinated by the Career Services Office during the year, such as on-campus interviews, workshops and other job search training sessions.

Student use

Students are automatically registered for access to Symplicity and are encouraged to load all information related to their job search strategy into their system profile records. This will include such data as résumés, writing samples and student progress reports. Once a student posts for a listed job, these records will automatically become available to a hiring employer.

Alumni use

Alumni graduating in 2010 or later should use their student login. Alumni graduating prior to 2010 may register for a Symplicity account. 

Employer use

An employer initiates a job search by posting a vacancy into Symplicity. The employer will provide a profile of the job duties and applicant requirements. An electronic notice will be sent to students about the new posting. An interested student will then post for the job and make his or her credentials available for the employer to review. If the employer is interested, the student will be notified to sign up for either an on-campus or in-house interview.

Need help?

To initiate or update your file within Symplicity, check out our step-by-step instructions.



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