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Pro Bono/Public Service Honors Program

Many students enter law school with dreams of promoting justice, fighting for the underdog, and making a difference in the world. Unfortunately, the amount of time and energy dedicated to academic work, coupled with the increasing amount of student loans, leaves many students feeling as if a career in public service, or even dedicating time to pro bono work, is nothing more than a dream.

As a law school, UMKC recognizes the key role pro bono and public service work plays in shaping the professional values of our students.  Thus, we have created the Pro Bono/Public Service Honors Program (the "Program") to instill a sense of civic responsibility in our students and demonstrate a commitment to public service and meeting the needs of those of limited means in the community.

By participating in the voluntary Program, students will receive the benefits of hands-on legal training, the opportunity to develop relationships with lawyers and legal organizations in the community, exposure to various areas of the law, and the satisfaction of making a difference in people's lives.  Students who complete the required number of hours for Program completion will also be recognized at graduation. For more information on the specifics of the Program, please review the Pro Bono/Public Service Honors Program Handbook available under the Quick Links on Symplicity. Click here to access the Pro Bono Work Log.

The Program itself does not provide any pro bono legal services to individuals seeking representation.  Individuals seeking legal services in Missouri may utilize the Missouri Bar referral service, which helps connect potential clients to Missouri Bar members.  For more information, call (573) 636-3635 or visit  The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (314) 621-6681 and the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association (417) 831-2783 offer their own referral services.  Individuals seeking legal services in Kansas should utilize the Kansas Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service; call 1-(800) 928-3111 to speak with someone who can help you determine what kind of legal assistance you may require and connect you with an appropriate lawyer for your situation who is licensed to practice in Kansas.

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