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Employment & Bar Pass Statistics

UMKC School of Law Class of 2013
Total Graduates: 153  
Total Employed: 133 (86.9%)
      Bar Passage Required: 79 (51.63%)      
      J.D. Advantage: 42 (27.75%)      
      Other Professional: 10 (6.54%)  
      Non-professional: 2 (1.3%)      
Unemployed - Start date deferred:   1 (0.65%)
Unemployed - Not Seeking employment:   2 (1.31%)
Unemployed - Seeking employment:   16 (10.46%)
Employment Status Unknown:   1 (0.65%)


Bar Pass Statistics (Reported to the ABA)
Graduates who took a bar for the first time in 2013: 149  
First-time takers of the Missouri bar in 2013 144 (97% of graduates)
     Passed Missouri Bar 132 (91.67% of takers)
Missouri Average Pass Rate - First-time Takers:   90.4%


For more details about employment statistics, including data from previous years please see our Summary Reports prepared by the American Bar Association (ABA) and the National Association for Law Placement (NALP). The ABA summary is required by all ABA law schools; the NALP summary is a voluntary report. Please note that each data set is collected and reported pursuant to the respective association’s guidelines and definitions.


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