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The objectives of a student undertaking law study abroad during the J.D. program are 1) to obtain a deeper understanding of cross-cultural communication specific to the country in which the student studies, 2) to obtain knowledge of the laws and legal system of the country in which the student studies, and 3) to advance the student learning outcomes of the UMKC School of Law in the context of the cultural and legal environment of country in which the student studies.

Information relating to study abroad opportunities at UMKC and other law schools is posted in the Career Services Office. Except as noted below, students with questions about study abroad programs should contact the sponsoring law school.

Students desiring to apply credits to their UMKC law degree from coursework taken in a study abroad program must obtain the prior approval of the associate dean. The request must be made in writing, accompanied by a brochure or other publication setting forth the sponsoring institution, the coursework available, the courses the student desires to take and the dates of study. Requests will be reviewed and students will receive a letter approving or denying the requests.

A grade of “C” or better must be earned in each course in order for credit for that course to transfer back to UMKC. In addition, even though the other institution assigns a grade, it will be recorded simply as a “credit” on the student’s UMKC transcript and will not be included in the student’s cumulative grade point average.

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