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J.D./Masters of Business Administration Program

The UMKC School of Law and the Henry W. Bloch School of Management partner to offer a joint J.D. and MBA degree. Students who earn both degrees are particularly well-positioned to successfully pursue a wide range of career opportunities as business owners, highly valued employees, or as professional advisers to business clients.

By participating in this program, students can reduce the number of semesters needed in order to complete both degrees. Students advance in each school toward its respective degree and may apply for graduation to either school upon meeting the requirements, whether the requirements for the other school’s degree have been met.

Admission requirements

There are no special admission requirements for entry into the joint J.D./MBA program. Students apply following the application process for each school. Students may take advantage of the program provided that, by the end of their first academic year (or two years in the case of a part-time or flex law student), admission has been secured to both degree programs. Students should develop a planned program of courses and submit the plan to each school for approval. The plan must meet the J.D. and MBA degree requirements.

J.D. requirement
  1. Students must complete 91 credit hours, 81 of which must be in law school courses. At least 76 hours must be in courses requiring attendance in regularly scheduled class sessions in the law school.
  2. Cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.
    • The grade in transferred courses from the MBA program will not transfer into the J.D. cumulative GPA. Instead, the course grade will be converted to credit, provided the grades are at least C (2.0) or better in 500-level coursework. If the grade received is insufficient, the course will not be accepted toward the required 91 hours.
  3. At least six semesters in law school residence, with not less than 10 law school classroom credit hours per semester.
    • Two summer sessions may be considered a semester for residency purposes, provided at least 10 law school classroom hours are completed in the two summer sessions.
  4. Complete all required courses, including:
    • Research and writing requirement
    • UCC requirement (This is no longer a requirement effective for the entering class of 2010. Accordingly, only students entering prior to 2010 must meet this requirement.)
    • Jurisprudential requirement
    • Advance Torts requirement (This is no longer a requirement effective for the entering class of 2012. Accordingly, only students entering prior to 2012 must meet this requirement.)
    • Professional Skills Certification requirement
  5. Successfully complete all course work within five years
MBA requirements

(see Henry W. Bloch School of Management)

  1. 42 credit hours. Since 12 hours of law school credit will count in the student’s program, only 30 additional hours are required to complete the MBA.
  2. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.
  3. Grades of B (3.0) or better in 80 percent of the MBA courses completed. Transferred law credits courses are not included in the 80 percent calculation. Courses must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better to count toward the MBA program.
  4. Complete the Core Course Requirements.
Application deadline

Applications for admission are accepted beginning September 1 prior to the year of entrance. Applications submitted after March 1 are less likely to be accepted because of the limited number of available seats each year.

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